Explore Ladakh Union Territory Beauty: Top Things To Do

As we all know there are so many beautiful places on planet Earth filled with enchanting beauty, Leh and Ladakh come in the list of them. It is located in the middle of Great Himalayas and Khardung La Pass. It’s a place, especially for thrill loving people. This place comprising a beautiful combination of its unique culture, Buddhist monasteries, and exciting adventure spots. There are many exciting things to do here some of them are

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley

It is located in the remotest part of Ladakh, one of the most alluring places to visit and not to miss while planning a vacation to Ladakh. The valley comprises a beautiful range of snow-capped glacier mountains, crystal clear water and beautiful flora and fauna vegetation. It fills you with great peace of mind.

Jeep Safari In Ladakh

If you love adventure then you must try the exciting Jeep Safari in Ladakh. It is one of the best things to do in Ladakh, it gives you beautiful sighting when you go through the valley. Not to do much, just sit back along with your DSLR and capture the unforgettable moments of your life. Jeep Safari is not confined to any age group, it’s open for all.

Shanti Stupa-A Symbol Of Peace

It is a white-doomed shaped monument built on the snow-capped facing hill. It is made by Japanese Buddhists as a symbol of peace. It consists of statues of Lord Buddha from his birth to his death along with a golden Buddha statue.

Beautiful Leh Palace

Beautiful Leh Palace

One of the great architectural work by medieval Tibetians made up of the simplest things stones, mud, wood, and sand. The interiors of the royal palace done with crowns, solemn dresses, jewellery, and artistic paintings. A stunning Buddha statue situated at the back of the palace is also the centre of attraction.


Again it is the best thing to do in Leh and Ladakh, especially for audacious people. You will find beautiful uneven terrain which gives more excitement and adventure.


If you love camping then nothing is better placed than Leh. This place fills you with an amazing feeling of creativity that results in great fun and excitement.

Never Miss Motor Biking

Never Miss Motor Biking

A number of people that love to travel with different kinds of experience they go for motorbikes. Yes, Leh is one of the counted places where tourists love to do motorbiking. When you travel through a cool atmosphere, the cold winds hit your face and gives an everlasting enjoyment.

Excited Place For River Rafting

You have tried river rafting a number of times but, the experience you get here is through Ladakh and Zanskar ranges are unforgettable.

Great Place For Shopaholics

A shopaholic can never miss the chance of shopping here in Leh and Ladakh. This place is filled with a great variety of things including pashmina shawls, prayer wheels, Buddhist relics, etc.

Beautiful Nubra Valley


Nubra valley is one of the popular places to visit. The sightseeing of this place not less than a paradise on earth. It seems that God created this masterpiece with his own hands. This valley is mainly famous for Hippophae shrub forests which are commonly known as Leh Berry.

Magic Of Magnetic Hill

This is a place where science goes wrong, here people defy the force of gravity and moves upward from the place where they park. It’s a must-visit place once in a lifetime.

Hope this short and brief information can become helpful for those who love to travel and eager to explore, experience and visit new places.

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