2020 Top Trekking Spots In Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir are the top most beautiful states of India. These states have a long list of places which reflects the nature’s beauty at its best which cannot be missed by any traveller. Jammu and Kashmir are called heaven on Earth due to its beauty and pleasant weather. Experience life in the “Paradise on Earth” by trekking the land of mountains and lakes, and we promise you that you will not want to return to your routine life. There are plenty of trekking spots in Jammu and Kashmir. Most of the trakes have high altitude and require you to rest for a day so you can adjust your body to go further. Here in this post, we discuss top trekking spots that you can do in a Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Great lake trek is one of the most beautiful treks in India and you must do this trek. This trek takes you through vast meadows, virgin scenic beauty and dense maple and pine forests. It is situated at an altitude of 13750 feet and duration of this trek is 7 to 9 days. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

The twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar are the perfect place for a nature lover or photographer. Tarsar Marsar Trek gives an opportunity to the tourists to enjoys the scenic beauty view from the banks of twin lakes which are nestled among lush green meadows and valleys. It’s a stunning sight, and the cherry on top is a chance to camp right beside the lakes. The altitude level of this trek is 13,500 feet. The difficulty level is easy, making it deal for fit beginners as well as experienced trekkers. The duration of the trek is about 7 days. The beautiful lakes and the green valley makes it one of the must-visit spots in the entire state.


The Narang Mahlish Trek is one of the few treks in Kashmir which promises a captivating trail round the year. The trek passes through thick pine forests, allowing you to experience a walk in the lush greenery that the trek offers to delight nature lovers. The Altitude of this trek is approximately 12467.192ft. The duration of the trek is about 6 days. The difficulty level is moderate. All tourist who is adventure enthusiasts must visit this trek. The best part about the trek is its different return route which allows you to explore more of Kashmir.

Kolahoi Glacier Trek

The Kolahoi Glacier is also known as the “Goddess of Light”. The historic valley glacier captures the essence of Kashmir as the trail takes you to the most fascinating streams, lakes, forests and riverbanks of Lidder. The trek itself is quite arduous and should only be attempted by trekkers with previous experience and with suitable physical fitness. Beginners can also attempt the trek after going through the necessary training procedure. The duration of the trek is about 6 days. The 5km long hanging glacier is located just below the Kolahoi Mountain and above the Lidder Valley. The Altitude of this trek is 12,600 feet above the sea level.

Sonamarg Vishansar Naranag Trek

Taking you to Vishansar and Naranag via Nichnai Pass is the enthralling Sonmarg Vishansar Naranag Trek. Starting from Sonmarg, the trek takes you to high-altitude passes which offer breathtaking views of the Valley. On the way, one can also enjoy the beauty of Krishnasar Lake. The altitude of 13000 feet, the journey isn’t for the light-hearted. The duration of this journey is  8 days and your experience is sure to be one that you would never forget. The difficulty level is moderate of this trek.

Naranag Gangabal Trek

The Gangabal Lake, also known by the name of Haramukh Ganga is a lake situated at the foothills of Haramukh Mountain in Ganderbal district of Kashmir valley. Trekking to Gangabal Lake promises a delightful sojourn across the meadows of Naranag, which are captivating for nature lovers as well as photography enthusiasts. The altitude of 11811.02ft. Feet. The duration of this journey is 5 days and The difficulty level is moderate of this trek. The best season to visit the lake is from the month of July to September.  If you are a nature lover must Visit this trek because it promises to be one of the most enthralling treks in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek is known as the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is one of the most popular treks in the Kashmir valley that unwrap the serene beauty of the Kashmir region secluded within the mountains. The altitude of is 13582.68. Feet. It is one of the longest treks in Jammu Kashmir. The duration of this journey is 15 days and the difficulty level is moderate of this trek.  Trekking in Kashmir to these pristine lakes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it promises to help you build lifelong memories as you set off in the mountains.

Kishtwar to Padum Trek

Jammu is also considered as the base of several treks. Some of the notable treks in Jammu are Kishtwar to Padum, which is in Zanskar. The trek from Kishtwar to Srinagar that passes through Banderkot, Dadhpeth, Mughal Maidan, Chhatru, Sinthan and Daksum is also an enchanting journey of 5-6 days. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate.

Kolahoi Base Camp Trek

Kolahoi Base Camp is a seven-day trekking expedition in Kashmir. The trail for trekking to Kolahoi Base Camp is relatively easy and cuts through lush meadows of Aru Valley in Pahalgam, a rich forest of Lidderwat and Satlenjan and the highland lake Tarsar. This trek in Kashmir is popular since the 1900s and has been aimed by many veteran trekkers around the globe. The altitude of 4140 m. The duration of this journey is  7 days and the difficulty level is easy.

Pahalgam-Tarsar-Marsar Trek

Starting from Srinagar, then Pahalgam – Tarsar Marsar Trek takes you to the most exquisite landscapes in Aru Valley along the riverbanks of Lidder. Trek to the majestic twin lakes of Tarsar Marsar as the magnificent views of the Mount Kolahoi leave you spellbound. The trekkers have the opportunity to witness the diversity of the region as the trail crosses through wide plains, lush meadows, flower-decked valleys and grassy knolls. The altitude of this trek is 4140 metres. The duration of this journey is  8 days and the difficulty level is Moderate.

The beauty of Kashmir is truly unmatched with its scenic valleys and daunting mountains. This is something that makes Kashmir a desired destination among the top trekking destinations in India.

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